Our offer


Steps we take:

- Removal of an old wallpaper
- Filling and making good wall surface

Lining paper:
Lining paper is then hung vertically or horizontally. This helps make a surface more even, and provides a perfect surface necessary for a correct adhesion of most high quality wall coverings.

High quality exterior and interior painting and decorating services.

We can offer a visit to a property, provide a free consultation for the proposed works to be carried out and supply a detailed estimate, which will be sent to you via post, phone or email.

Our finishings are to the highest of standards. We are very thorough in our preparation work as this is a very important part of our trade.
We wallpaper a variety of spaces - homes, hotels , restaurants, shops, offices, show rooms, clubs - from a whole decoration schemes to a single feature wall, no job is too big or too small.